Kehua ESS assists black start of 9E gas unit

By Kehua Tech
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Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, Southern Power Grid and the Nanshan Power Plant have successfully completed black start testing of a 9E gas unit by using an energy storage system. This is the first project in China to utilize an ESS for the black start of a 9E unit.

A black start means that when the whole power system stops running, the grid can restore power supply by starting the generator set without relying on external power. The start of the power point is the key to a black start, and Nanshan Power Plant is the key point in this case.

Kehua delivered a customized solution for the project, including a 9MW transformer-based energy storage turnkey solution and the key coordination control equipment for a black start.

Under coordination control, 18 PCS operate in parallel under VSG mode, driving the black start of a 60MW gas engine. At the same time, the 9MW ESS is seamlessly connected with the engine to cooperate with frequency modulation and improve the efficiency and output electric energy index. Under the microgrid state, the motor load for black start can still operate stably in face of 7 times the impact.

This solution delivered by Kehua successfully overcame technical problems and achieved “ESS Black Start”, “ESS Auxiliary Frequency Modulation” and “Source-Load-Storage Integration”. The successful implementation of the technical scheme is also the first in China, filling several domestic gaps in the application of black start.

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