Kehua Tech – Tapping the value of energy storage with the goal of “Carbon Neutrality “

By Kehua Tech

With China’s goal of carbon neutrality becoming clearer and more defined, the contradiction between the randomness, volatility and large installed capacity with small power output of new energy, and our vision of making it the main energy source has become increasingly prominent. Chen Sixiong, president of Kehua Tech, believes: “Energy storage is the most effective means to solve these problems, and it is also an important cornerstone for future development of new energy and an important means to achieve the two goals of “carbon neutrality” and “CO2 emission peak”. 

At the opening ceremony of the 11th China International Energy Storage Conference in May, Chen Sixiong explained the three development stages and market scale of PV+ESS, the new opportunities and value faced by us in terms of energy storage, and provided his insights on the ecological reconstruction of the energy storage industry chain, with suggestions for future development.

Mr. Chen said that the development of energy storage would go through three stages: In the first stage, “PV+ESS” solves the inevitable problem of new energy power generation and power systems, in the second stage, the parity application of “PV+ESS” at the user end and, in the third stage, the parity application of “PV+ESS” at the power generation end, which presents the greatest challenge and has a long history. 

There is huge room for future development of energy storage. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the global energy storage market will grow at a compound annual rate of 18%, and the global cumulative energy storage deployment scale will exceed 1600 GW/5500 GWh by 2050. With its large energy storage scale, China will become the largest energy storage market in the world by as early as 2026, and its cumulative installed capacity will exceed 200GW and 700GWh by 2050.

Under such positive development conditions, we are presented with new opportunities and value regarding energy storage.Mr. Chen shared his insights with colleagues in the industry and said that Kehua would firmly seize these opportunities and spare no effort to promote the development of the energy storage industry.

Mr. Chen predicted that shortening the industrial chain and deepening the electronization of power will be the two inevitable trends in the development of the energy storage industry. 

Trend I: Shortening of the industrial chain 

The key to the development of the energy storage industry is to continuously reduce costs. Besides R&D investment and technological innovation, shortening the industrial chain is an effective way to achieve this. Battery manufacturers, PCS manufacturers and system integrators are the keys to reduce costs and increase efficiency of energy storage systems. They will be deeply integrated in the future to shorten the industrial chain and will become the main players in the future energy storage market. 

Trend II: Deep power electronization 

By means of power electronization, the lithium battery system can be flexibly matched with PCS and load voltage to realize current sharing, flexible output adjustment, flexible input and switching out of multi-cluster and multi-group lithium battery systems, realize the parallel application of lithium batteries with different aging degrees, reduce the types of lithium battery clusters and realize standardized manufacturing of batteries, optimizing the cost of the energy storage system scheme. 

A deeply electronized and intelligent energy storage system can accelerate the reduction of energy storage costs, improve reliability and operational flexibility, and bring about the parity application of PV+ESS. 

Mr. Chen continued: “Kehua follows the development trend of the industry, deeply participates in the integration of energy storage systems, and provides turnkey standardized energy storage solutions with the help of 33 years’ experience in R&D, manufacturing and engineering of power electronics.  In terms of high reliability and safety research, Kehua has power electronics technology, big data analysis and processing technology, together with a deep understanding of system solutions. The company has the strength to ensure the high economy, reliability and safety of the energy storage system throughout its life cycle, provide super-high-value solutions to end users, and make our contributions to the development of the whole industry.”

Large-scale application of energy storage is one of the effective means to build a new power system with new energy as the main body, and it is a key link to achieve the goals of peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. Mr. Chen suggested: “We should optimize the power planning and process, support the efficient construction of PV+ESS projects, and accelerate the construction of a new power system with PV+ESS as the main body, to accelerate the standardization of energy storage systems, improve their economic benefits, and promote the long-term healthy development of the storage industry by shortening of the industrial chain, deep power electronization, and efficient integration.”

The China International Energy Storage Conference is one of the top events in the world to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the energy storage industry. At the awards ceremony during the 2021 “Energy Storage Night”, and the most influential series of awards for China’s energy storage industry held at the same time, Kehua was recognized in several categories including “2021 Most Influential Enterprise”, “2021 Best Integrated Energy Service Provider”, “2021 Best System Integration Solution Enterprise” and “2021 Best PCS Supplier”. 

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