LONGi releases Hi-MO 7 in Thailand and celebrates reaching 1GW of shipments


LONGi has combined achieving the milestone of 1GW of shipments to Thailand with the official launch of its Hi-MO 7 module at a ceremony attended by 100 customers and guests in the Thai capital Bangkok.

The Hi-MO7 is a new generation of module developed by LONGi for deployment at large ground mounted power plants, based on the company’s high-efficiency HPDC cell technology.

HPDC (Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell) is an enhanced iteration of HPC cell technology, with both front and back sides of the module incorporating upgraded anti-reflection and low-recombination films, combined with metallization solutions for superior performance.

With the official release of Hi-MO 7, LONGi has added to its product portfolio for utility scale power plants. While Hi-MO 5 will remain the main product for the utility market for some time to come, Hi-MO 7 will be preferred for scenarios requiring a module with high ground surface reflectivity in elevated ambient temperatures.

The 1GW milestone for shipments to Thailand reflects how far LONGi has come since first entering the country in 2017.

“Over the past six years, our cooperation with the Thai market has become increasingly close, and we are delighted to have become one of the most trusted partners for Thailand’s mainstream PV developers,” commented Chin Lee, the company’s head for the South Asia-Peninsula Region.

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