LONGi’s 65MW Eti-4 solar project drives Turkey’s renewable energy revolution


The east side of the project

Situated in Konya, the groundbreaking project, developed by Cengiz Enerji, represents a significant milestone for Turkey’s renewable energy sector.

Divided into east and west sections of 50MW and 13.99MW respectively, the Eti-4 plant has a significance beyond merely its scale, since it is destined to satisfy the electricity demands of an aluminium production facility.

Eti-4 is the final and most substantial of the plant’s four stages, with the project illustrating Cengiz Enerji’s commitment to its environmental ambitions.

Solar emerged as the preferred renewable energy source for the company’s aluminium production, with LONGi the chosen module supplier given its global reputation for quality and reliability.

C&D Clean Energy, as a partner of both Cengiz Enerji and LONGi, has played an important role in the success of the project, as Cengiz’s Murat Yılmaz explained: “The trust and professionalism that come with working with two major international companies are fundamental guarantees for the timely commissioning of the power plant as planned.”

Once fully operational, the plant is expected to generate an annual 115,000,000 kWh of clean electricity, substantially reducing the carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel-based power generation and making an important contribution to Turkey’s ambitious sustainability goals.

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