Maxwell promotes integration of industry-university research for development of heterojunction technology

By Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies has published its latest research results on high-efficiency silicon heterojunction (SHJ) cells in a paper with the collaboration of its own R&D team, Soochow University, SunDrive Corporation, the Dalian University of Technology and the Southwest University.

The paper discusses the manufacturing technology of high quality nanocrystalline silicon film by using large-area (2m×2m) PECVD chambers with VHF excitation frequencies independently innovated by Maxwell, with the high mobility TCO process with PVD transition metal doping synchronously developed by the industry-university research team, as well as metallization technology with the direct electroplating process without seed layer.

Combining the above, Maxwell has achieved a mutual demonstration of the principle and method of manufacturing silicon heterojunction cells with an ultra-high conversion efficiency of 26.41%, paving the way for large-scale industrialization of high-efficiency SHJ cells.

While achieving rapid growth through its own technical strength, the company also looks to create a cooperative environment for the integration of industry-university research.  Leveraging its National Enterprise Technology Center as the platform, Maxwell will continue to join forces with upstream and downstream players in the industrial chain, universities and other bodies to create an SHJ technology ecosystem. 

The company has opened four laboratories to domestic and foreign partners, providing a test and experimental environment for the development of new materials such as indium-free target and silver-coated copper paste, new technologies and new cell structures, as well as localized equipment parts, all parties openly sharing research and development data.

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