Next-Gen efficiency: TBEA launches high-performance C&I inverters for Europe


TBEA has launched its latest innovation in C&I solar power – the 75-110 kW three phase on-grid inverter series. Designed to meet the unique demands of C&I applications, the inverters combine advanced technology with unmatched performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

High input current per MPPT

 With a high input current per MPPT of 32A, the series is compatible with all types of PV modules currently available. This allows for unparalleled energy absorption, making the product ideal for C&I applications with substantial and continuous energy demands.

Intelligent DC fault disconnection system

The inverters support current detection and feature millisecond-level rapid overcurrent protection. This ensures higher safety and reliability by quickly isolating faults, protecting the system and maintaining operational stability.

Lightweight and efficient design

At just 86kg, the inverters are among the lightest in their class, reducing shipping and handling costs and improving installation efficiency. Their versatile design makes them suitable for various structures, from office buildings to industrial facilities.

Ultra-low night self-consumption

With a self-consumption rate of less than 3W at night, the inverters enable businesses to minimize their carbon footprint and operational costs, ensuring optimal efficiency around the clock.

Low startup voltage for extended power generation

With a low startup voltage, the inverters begin operation earlier and shut down later, extending the system’s power generation time and boosting energy production by 1%.

Intelligent operation and maintenance platform

TBEA’s TB-eSolar intelligent O&M platform complements the inverters, providing comprehensive monitoring and control for users. Features such as remote troubleshooting and performance analysis minimize downtime, enhance plant revenue, and streamline service operations.

As part of its rapid expansion in Europe, TBEA has deployed local teams for distributed energy solutions in Spain, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe and Greece. Meet the team and explore the latest innovations at Intersolar Europe 2024, booth B4.350.  

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