Powering forward: SOFAR exhibits all-scenario PV & ESS innovations at Intersolar Europe


SOFAR has unveiled its latest technological innovations at Intersolar Europe 2023. Among the products showcased at the event were the PowerNano microinverter system and PowerIn C&I ESS, both launched during the company’s official ‘Powering Forward’ themed three days. The latest additions complete an all-scenario portfolio covering the residential, C&I and utility sectors, ranging from micro to utility solutions.

SOFAR PowerNano – Microinverter System for Future Home Energy

Designed for the future of digital home energy, the PowerNano is suitable for all-scenario applications via a combination of microinverter, smart home hub and AC battery, providing an easy-to-distribute, easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that maximizes the ROI of installing solar PV at home. Coupling solar with energy storage, the system ensures ultimate safety by integrating RSD, IP67 and a DC voltage<60V. Compatible with 182/210mm high power PV modules, the system is able to achieve an increase in energy yield of up to 5%, with plug-and-play installation and easy maintenance  perfectly suitable for non-professionals.

As of the close of the event, SOFAR had signed MoUs for 200,000 units with PowR Group, Elicity, PV Selected and Vögelin.

SOFAR PowerIn – Maximizing Rooftop Value

The PowerIn ESS is tailored for C&I energy storage. Pack-level active balancing helps increase useable battery energy by 5% and, compatible with 182/210mm high power modules, the DC/AC ratio reaches 1.5+ with low LCOE. In addition to AFCI, it features 3-layer protection, thermal runaway protection and cloud monitoring to ensure optimal safety. 

To simplify O&M, PowerIn features a modular design combined with maintenance-free spare batteries for direct replacement, significantly lowering labour costs and initial investment.

MoUs for the product, for a total capacity of 1.5GW, were signed during the event by companies including PVO International, Bet Solar and PowRGroup. 

SOFAR PowerMaster & PowerMega  Optimal Utility Solutions

PowerMaster is an industry-leading solution incorporating cutting-edge technologies. A safe and reliable solution ensuring grid resilience in demanding operating conditions, it features an innovative air and liquid hybrid cooling system. 

With a maximum efficiency of 99.05% and 20A input current per MPPT, PowerMega enables higher power yields. Featuring IP66 and C5-M anti-corrosion protection, the 350kW inverter can operate in harsh environments with a working temperature from -30℃ to 60℃.

In addition to the above, a full range of PV and ESS solutions, tailored for residential, C&I and utility scenarios, were also on display at the  SOFAR booth, including the company’s flagship 5~20kW residential ESS, 3.3~12kW residential PV inverter, 30~50kW C&I PV inverter and integrated residential PowerAll ESS.

Senior Vice President Guy Rong believes that the launch of PowerNano and PowerIn represents a landmark step towards achieving global net-zero objectives through an all-scenario solution portfolio. “It demonstrates our commitment to accelerating the availability of affordable renewable energy. By leveraging our R&D capacity, we will continue to innovate and deliver solutions to power forward a sustainable future,” he added.

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