Seraphim’s 28mm-frame lightweight module performs well in -40℃ mechanical testing

By Seraphim Energy

Seraphim Energy has announced that its 28mm-frame lightweight module has passed a low-temperature mechanical load test, reflecting the product’s reliability and the company’s technological strength.

According to IEC standards, the static mechanical load test is a general test performed to determine the ability of a PV module to withstand snow and wind loads. However, modules are also increasingly exposed to the extreme cold, which presents another challenge to mechanical strength and the resistance of materials and tracker connections. 

For this reason, Seraphim, together with TUV-SUD, conducted a mechanical reliability test on its 28mm-frame lightweight module under extreme low-temperature conditions. The static mechanical load test of 5400Pa on the front side and 2400Pa on the rear was completed at a temperature of -40℃ and with 4-clamp installation conditions.

The results indicated that the module maintained its external appearance without severe cracks. The module also passed insulation and wet leakage tests with a power attenuation of under 5 percent. 

“As PV products are installed worldwide in more diverse environments, their performance is facing increasing challenges. Based on over a decade of R&D and technological experience, Seraphim is fully committed to innovating to improve module performance and better serve clients with diversified demands,” commented company president Polaris Li.

Seraphim has a combined installed manufacturing capacity of 7.5GW globally, with more than 14GW of its products installed in over 40 countries.

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