Solamet® leads with world’s first mass production of solar paste designed for laser carrier injection technology

By Solamet®

Solamet® has announced that its solar paste, specifically developed for TOPCon laser carrier injection technology, has been in large-scale, stable mass production for over three months, confirming the company as the only supplier to date to achieve this milestone.

Since launching the world’s first photovoltaic solar paste 40 years ago in 1983 for the industrialization of p-BSF, p-PERC, CIGS thin-film, n-PERT/TOPCon, and IBC cells, Solamet® has consistently led the field in PV pastes, playing a crucial role in almost every one of the PV industry’s technological iterations and upgrades.  

Following years of collaboration with global research bodies, equipment suppliers and cell manufacturers, the company has launched its revolutionary PV3NL paste specifically for TOPCon laser carrier injection technology, enhancing conversion efficiency by more than 0.2% in both conventional TOPCon and TOPCon SE cell structures.

CTO Dr. QJ Guo commented: “One of the most significant technical challenges facing TOPCon cells is the loss of open-circuit voltage and efficiency caused by the recombination issue brought about by silver-aluminium pastes contacting p+ surfaces. Based on in-depth research into this problem, the newly developed PV3NL paste has been specifically designed to integrate effectively with laser carrier injection technology, achieving a significant increase in open-circuit voltage while maintaining good ohmic contact.

Owing to the outstanding mitigation effect of the paste on metallization induced recombination, this game-changing technology can assist in directing TOPCon or TOPCon SE cells towards ultra-high sheet resistance diffusion processes, unlocking greater potential for efficiency enhancement.”

The application of this technology involves no significant change to the existing cell manufacturing process, minimizing the cost of upgrading production lines. Matching with the Solamet® PV3NL paste, it not only enhances cell efficiency but also module reliability, potentially addressing the challenge faced by TOPCon single-glass modules.  The paste also paves the way for future innovations in ultra-fine grid lines, low paste consumption and low surface concentration diffusion processes for emitter regions.

Dr Guo continued: “We are thrilled that Solamet® is once again revolutionizing the PV industry in its new chapter of independent operation following the acquisition of DuPont’s Solamet® metallization pastes business. From introducing the industry’s first PV3N1 silver-aluminium paste for N-type PERT cell p+ surface contact in 2011, to pioneering the aluminium-free silver paste design concept in 2018, and now introducing this new approach to improve TOPCon metallization induced recombination and ohmic contact on a p+ surface, Solamet® has been a constant player in the research to overcome industry challenges with regard to contacting the p+ surface of N-type solar cells for over ten years and a leader in developing PV metallization solutions over the last four decades. We remain committed to advancing high-efficiency cell technology through material technology innovations.”

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