Solis: Storage of solar energy in the event of blackouts

By Ginlong (Solis) Technologies

Ginlong Solis has announced that it will promote the adoption of hybrid systems in Europe to enable solar energy storage. The solution guarantees an uninterrupted supply of electricity to homes and businesses in the event of a grid supply failure or blackout.

Hybrid PV systems, unlike conventional solar installations which send excess energy generated to the national electricity grid, send energy to lithium batteries that are responsible for storing it for use at night or in an emergency.   Adding battery storage to an existing solar PV system is also a possibility with an AC coupled battery inverter.  With many markets seeing the move away from systems such as “net metering”, this solution is becoming particularly attractive.  

Among the benefits of adding energy storage to a solar PV system are:

1) Maximization of self-consumption: You can use most of the energy produced by solar panels to power your daytime energy demand and at the same time charge a battery for use at night.

2) Cost reduction: When drawing energy from the grid, the intelligent hybrid inverter can be programmed to only consume from the grid and charge the battery in low-cost periods.

3) Safety: There are many reasons why a power grid can fail unexpectedly, but with a battery powered system it is still possible to maintain power supply to critical devices such as refrigerators.

The functionality offered by inverters should be carefully reviewed prior to system design and installation, as they are essential to the success of a PV installation with battery storage. It is critical to note that a successful storage solution must feature grid-compatible inverters and batteries, with the compatibility of the battery and inverter of equal importance.  Solis’  solar hybrid inverters provide a reliable & flexible option proven by many installations across Europe and are compatible with numerous globally recognized battery brands. These smart hybrid inverters can be programmed in four different modes to maximize the benefits listed above. Solis offers hybrid inverters for both new installations and “retrofit” AC coupled solutions to upgrade existing PV systems. 

“This type of technology is revolutionizing the traditional power supply system, since it gives  users the power, security and independence to generate, store and consume their own clean energy, thus reducing their dependence on the grid and traditional generating plants”, commented Sandy Woodward, Sales Director for Solis Europe.  “In the future we could see the system evolve to become a landscape of “micro-grids”, with communities of solar power generators trading energy between themselves”.

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