Summary of JA Solar 2023 annual report

By JA Solar

With an impressive 81.556 billion yuan in operating revenue, an 11.74% increase on the previous year, and a net profit attributable to shareholders of 7.039 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.21%, JA Solar has achieved record highs in both revenue and profit.

The positive financial results are illustrated via an impressive set of indicators: EPS at 2.14 yuan per share, up by 25.15%, net profit margin at 8.82% (up by 1.23 percentage points), and gross margin at 18.13% (up by 3.35 percentage points). With a weighted average ROA of 22.52%, the company’s profitability remains industry-leading.

As of Q1 2024, JA Solar has achieved cumulative shipments of 201GW, with production capacities across silicon wafers, cells and modules each set to surpass 100GW in 2024. With a projected shipment target of 85-95GW, its scale manufacturing advantage will be further reinforced.

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