TBEA Sunoasis’ “Intelligent PV Solution”, the DEFINITE Choice for Increasing Plant Gain

By TBEA Sunoasis

With the constant promotion of the technological integration of AI, blockchain, cloud computing and big data, driven by the energy Internet, TBEA Sunoasis has launched a smarter, more efficient and more reliable intelligent PV solution aimed at improving the popularity of clean energy. 

With the TS228KTL-HV large power string inverter as its core, the solution realizes integration of data from both the cloud and the plant terminal, ensuring more accurate and efficient transmission of information. The system solution is based on the comprehensive analysis of scenarios of different topography, system configurations and application environments.


Highly-efficient transmission of information

More accurate plant data and more convenient operation & maintenance

Quick and precise transmission of information is the basic function of plant digitization and intellectualization. The inverter, as the key piece of equipment to collect core data and control power of a PV plant, has stricter requirements on the manner of correspondence. The entire series of TBEA Sunoasis’ string inverters is equipped with a PLC correspondence function which adopts broadband OFDM technology to make data transmission faster and more secure. As one of the important channels of inverter information transmission, PLC correspondence technology can not only save costs, but also improve correspondence efficiency.

Based on the above, TBEA Sunoasis’ Intelligent PV Solution also improves the operation and maintenance precision of a PV plant.

TBEA’s solution integrates new generation IV curve testing technology which can improve speed by 20% during scanning of IV curves compared with ordinary methods and IV data, after scanning, will be transmitted to the backend via high-speed PLC + optical ring network for curve analysis. Taking advantage of the powerful computing capacity of the TB-eCloud platform, it calculates and analyzes the feature parameters of the string and can diagnose the malfunction type of an IV curve from the database within the shortest time possible, providing clients with a highly-accurate, visual and low-cost maintenance solution for a plant.

TBEA’s TB-eCloud is also able to provide an intelligent solution for all-scenario new energy plants from the cloud to the plant terminal. It provides, via a cloud-based terminal, an intelligent operation & maintenance system and the TB-eCloud mobile operation APP to help integrate resources.

The plant terminal is mainly responsible for monitoring, managing and maintaining different plant equipment. It provides an intelligent PV monitoring and analysis system for the plant terminal and, by analyzing the plant health index and equipment operation, it generates visual reports to provide support for decision-making; alarms are pushed in a timely manner and plant data can be accessed anytime anywhere.


Precise disturbance to find the best sunlight

Synergy is the precise expression of efficient cooperation. Synergy between equipment such as components, inverter, communication box and transformer in a PV plant generates constant green energy. The PV component, which generates “power” directly in the generation unit, has become intelligent, can rotate different components controlled by tracking support and is the “enabler” of power.

Traditional trackers follow a classic astronomical algorithm to rotate slowly at certain times, to differing degrees and angles; however, as the weather changes so quickly, it may already have missed many chances to contact with the sun.

TBEA Sunoasis shares data between inverter, tracker, communication box and monitoring system in the PV area and, based on efficient data exchange, the intelligent inverter integrates communication with the tracker, matches the branch MPPT with the connected tracking device and uses a dynamic ‘fuzzy’ algorithm to positively adjust tracking devices on corresponding branches to ensure precise control and avoid problems with coordination and control.

The intelligent inverter on the one hand uses the internal sophisticated AI system to conduct close-ring adjustment and, on the other, coordinates the monitoring system in the PV area to be aware of the plant’s current and latest sun exposure information. The ultra-short power forecast fully releases the potential of components under each tracking device in every branch and realizes the maximum power output of every branch, each inverter and every matrix, to further refine plant performance.


From adapting to the grid to supporting it

In the power system, with new energy’s increasing share of grid-connection, especially PV power, the issue with the high-proportion of grid-connected PV power is becoming more and more important, which mainly refers to  weak grid features. A weak grid is prone to cause unstable voltage and frequency, resonance and other issues. This challenge can’t be effectively addressed by simply adapting to the grid; we need to change the mentality from adapting to the grid to supporting the grid, from passive to active, by fully improving the grid-connection capability of a PV inverter to achieve a positive connection. 

TBEA takes advantage of the TB-eCloud platform’s ability in calculation and storage of a big database and, based on years of experience in system integration, conducts system modeling for multiple scenarios in grid-connection and plant design before importing data. Then, via the strong learning ability of the TB-eCloud platform, it constantly follows the operation of the PV plant after grid-connection to constantly train and optimize system modeling and grid-connection; it customizes for different locations and grid-connection features under different scenarios to provide guidance for the grid-connection of the inverter. 

Under the guidance of the cloud platform, the inverter dynamically adjusts its parameters to fit the grid. For example, under a weak grid, it can adopt a resistance reconstruction algorithm to help the inverter establish a stable environment for grid-connection and support the stable operation of the grid. By integration and constant learning between the cloud platform and inverter, it realizes customization and a positive connection. 

TBEA Sunoasis will continue to uphold the concept of promoting innovative development based on renewable energy and helping clients achieve more value by technical innovation and upgrade. Based on its TS228KTL-HV large power string inverter, TBEA builds an intelligent PV solution which integrates many intelligent technologies, helps clients increase plant profitability and is the definitive choice in plant system solutions in the era of parity/competition.

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