Trina Solar 100 MW agricultural PV solar project connected to grid

By Trina Solar

Trina Solar has announced the grid connection of its 100 MW agricultural photovoltaic project in Luotian county, in China’s Hubei province.

The project, covering 160 hectares, uses the company’s 210 Vertex 550W series modules and is expected to generate an annual 110 million kWh of electricity, offsetting 42,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by an annual 104,500 tons.

With the completion of the project, agricultural production and PV power generation will effectively be combined, simultaneously maximizing use of land resources and bringing economic benefits to the local community.

The 210 Vertex module, based on large 210mm silicon wafers, achieves low-voltage and high-power with its innovative non-destructive cutting and high density cell interconnect technology, achieving maximum power of 670W with an efficiency of 21.6%, single string power rising by 40%.

The inverters used in this project are Huawei’s latest high-current string inverters, which are fully compatible with ultra-high power 210 Vertex modules, resulting in not only higher power generation and safer operation, but also exceptional performance in terms of intelligent operation and maintenance and system stability in cases of weak grid connection.

“Ultra-high power modules are an inevitable trend in the PV industry,” commented a Huawei technical spokesperson. “That’s why we have launched matching inverters and provided a complete set of intelligent PV solutions.”

High-current inverters are not only totally compatible with 210 modules, but also have the advantage of giving full play to the high-efficiency power generation of ultra-high-power modules and improving system DC/AC ratio. More than 10 mainstream inverter manufacturers now have high-current products on the market that are perfectly adapted to 210 modules.

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