Trina Solar’s 210mm Vertex 670W module passes extreme wind tunnel test

By Trina Solar

Having already passed advanced serial load tests, including for non-uniform snow and 20,000 cycles of dynamic mechanical load, Trina Solar’s 210mm Vertex 670W module has now passed an extreme wind tunnel test, further proving that ultra-high-power modules can maintain their outstanding performance even when subjected to extreme weather.

The test was carried out with the third-party CGC (China General Certification) organization, with the module remaining intact in wind speeds reaching 62.6m/s (225.4km/h or 140mph), equivalent to the low end of a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

The globalization of PV applications and diversification of scenarios have placed higher demands on module performance, and extreme weather such as strong winds, snowstorms and hailstorms pose significant challenges. The 210 module has undergone a series of design enhancements, such as increased frame thickness, larger cavities and optimized materials to ensure ultra-high structural strength. At the same time,  non-destructive cutting gives the smallest cell a bending strength comparable to that of a whole cell, as well as significantly enhancing resistance to hidden cracks.

Trina Solar continues to deliver products with the lowest BOS costs and high power generation efficiency to promote the sustainable development of the PV industry and lead the transformation of the global energy industry.

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