TW Solar unveils groundbreaking modules in Brazil

By TW Solar

Since the expansion of its business to incorporate PV modules in the second half of 2022, TW Solar has rapidly achieved the status of a Tier 1 manufacturer, already ranking among the top 10 module companies in terms of shipments for last year.

With the global energy transition accelerating, the company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a significant number of large organisations around the world to keep pace with development trends, its modules being showcased at a number of international  events since the beginning of 2023. At the same time, the company has been exploring “PV+” applications. The deployment of PV in scenarios such as rooftops, schools, crop and animal husbandry and desertification control enables it to offer groundbreaking solutions across a range of different regions and weather conditions.

THC modules break records four times

One of the largest and most influential solar events in Latin America, Intersolar South America will take place in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo between the 29th and 31st August, with TW Solar once again unveiling its impressive portfolio of groundbreaking products.

With technology R&D being one of the company’s major strengths, it has already achieved a number of breakthroughs, with the products likely to attract most attention in Brazil being the new TWMHF-66HD and TWMNG-72HD modules, together representing its latest achievements in technological transformation. TW Solar modules have broken records four times within the half year since January, the increase of more than 20W in power from 720.71W to 743.68W marking the advent of the 740W-plus era.

The  TWMHF-66HD is based on THC (Tongwei HJT Cell) technology, and is the industry’s first HJT module to  combine silverless technology, an ultra-thin silicon wafer, double-sided microcrystalline technology, high-performance target doping and light injection, improving efficiency by more than 1%.

The new TWMNG-72HD adopts the company’s independently developed high-efficiency TNC (Tongwei N-type passivated contact cell) technology. With its module size optimized by adoption of large rectangular wafers, it has a maximum power of 625W. The TNC cells currently have a 25.7% efficiency rate in mass production.

Half-cell and shingled modules will also be on display in Sao Paulo, with TPC (Tongwei PERC Cell) technology covering a full range of application scenarios. The flexible and environmentally friendly low-lead and fluorine-free shingled Terra series modules are ideally suited for the high-end household market, being chosen by one in seven European households equipped with a PV rooftop.

While its production capacity surges, TW Solar continues to carefully study market needs worldwide. The company has already obtained a number of internationally recognized certifications, further enhancing its positioning in terms of international expansion.

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