White Paper on Risen Energy HJT Hyper-ion Products :Development and application of low-silver metallization paste

By Risen Energy

Among the various sources of energy currently available around the world, the development of renewables, particularly photovoltaics (PV), has become a priority, with how best to develop PV, in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase, the key consideration.

With the constant demand for products with higher power, efficiency and reliability combined with lower balance of system costs (BOS), levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and carbon emissions, the research into and development of high-performance PV products has become a major focus for the industry. Heterojunction technology (HJT) is favoured by many because it is a single-junction solar cell with the most efficient and highest power generation and is also a logical base for tandem cells when combined with perovskite technology. It is one of the longest-researched technologies in the industry with 40 years of history but, in terms of industrialization, it has been constrained by high costs, meaning that cost reduction is of vital importance for its future adoption.

Risen Energy has been carrying out R&D into and production of HJT products since 2019 and has made significant progress, breaking the world record for module power output on four occasions, with its HJT product shipments ranked first globally in 2020 and 2021. The company upgraded its HJT products based on a 210mm technology platform in 2022 and, with a commitment to R&D in materials, processes and equipment, has gained expertise in key technologies such as ultra-thin silicon wafers, low-silver paste, 0BB cells and low-temperature, stress-free cell interconnection, enabling it to develop ‘Hyper-ion’, an HJT product with higher power, greater efficiency and lower cost.

In its white paper, Risen’s research into the development and application of low-silver metallization paste will be taken as the entry point to discuss the company’s approach to enhancing efficiency and reducing the cost of metallization paste throughout its development of the Hyper-ion product, including the logic behind the selection of low-silver paste materials and the determination of the reliability of low-silver paste. Also addressed are issues concerning the effect of light, electricity and heat on the performance of the paste and whether the use of low-silver paste affects a module’s  reliability and power generation performance.

Full details can be found  via the following link: https://en.risenenergy.com/uploads/20230828/77456af7682eb30d9b8f409bc2da4c59.pdf

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