ACT Group plans 1GW of solar module assembly in Pakistan

Starting with a 250MW first phase factory by July next year, the director of Pakistan-based conglomerate ACT Group has said it should be able to sell PV modules to the customer's doorstep at equal to or cheaper than Chinese import prices.

Solar can meet 25% of annual US demand without major intervention, report claims

Five years into the DOE’s decade-long SunShot Initiative, the solar industry is 70% of the way to achieving the goal of driving down solar electricity costs to US$0.06/kWh. Today, at the halfway mark to the target date, DOE has taken stock of the progress made, assessing what has been learnt and the barriers and opportunities yet to be faced.

PV Expo: Graduation days for Japan’s maturing PV market

In common with every other PV market in the world as it matures, attaining grid parity for the technology is the ultimate goal for Japan. As an electricity market in general, meeting electrical supply with demand will of course become ever-more important.

Japan’s government confirms plans for solar tender

Japan's government has given its clearest indication to date of planned rule changes around renewable energy policy, including official confirmation that a tender process is being put before its parliament for the 2017 financial year.