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PV CellTech Talk: Christian Buchner, Vice-President at SCHMID Group

PV Tech recently met up with Christian Buchner - Vice President of the Photovoltaics BU at leading PV equipment supplier SCHMID Group - ahead of the forthcoming PV CellTech 2018 meeting in Penang, Malaysia on 13-14 March 2018, an event SCHMID has been strongly supporting for the past few years.

PV CellTech Talk: Dr. Christian Buchner, SCHMID Group

SCHMID Group is one of the key sponsors of PV CellTech 2017, a company with over 1,200 employees and five production facilities around the world. A private company since its establishment in 1864 - means its involvement in the PV industry is relatively new but its position as one of the leading solar cell processing equipment and automation specialists is well recognised.

SCHMID offers low-cost pre-treatment for texturing diamond-wire-cut multi c-Si wafers

SCHMID has launched a cost-effective process for the texturing of diamond-wire cut multi-c-Si wafers that can be easily integrated into existing production lines. DW PreTex is being made available in two versions: as a separate single unit that roughens the surface of the wafers and then uses the available texture capacity, or as a combined line for complete texturing. Based on an in-line wet process, the process is suitable for both wafer and cell manufacturers.