LONGi’s mono push sets the stage for PV CellTech mono-vs-multi showdown

The recent announcements from Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) manufacturer LONGi Silicon Materials, to acquire the Malaysia wafering operations of Comtec Solar Systems Group and to align with Trina Solar and Tongwei for a new 5GW factory in China, represent yet more substance to LONGi’s active push to shift the industry to mono c-Si cell and module supply.

SunPower closing 700MW Fab 2 with 2,500 job losses

High-efficiency PV module producer and project developer SunPower has announced further restructuring plans that include the closure of its 700MW, IBC solar cell plant in the Philippines and a 25% reduction in its global workforce.

SunPower subsidiary sues SolarCity over IP infringements

Cogenra Solar, a subsidiary of US-based high-efficiency module manufacturer SunPower, has filed a lawsuit against SolarCity over claims of IP (Intellectual Property) theft and infringement over its direct solar cell to cell contact technology that is often described as an overlapping shingle-like pattern.

SunPower’s share price keeps on plummeting but why?

Although covering public listed companies across stock markets in the US, Europe, South East Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China is part of my beat, I have long avoided getting embroiled into individual companies share price movements.