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Accelerating to 100%


By Andy Colthorpe

Andy Colthorpe speaks to Janice Lin of the California Energy Storage Alliance
on what sort of role energy storage will play in reaching the ‘100% carbon-free retail
electricity’ goal of the state’s SB100 legislation


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The solar industry endured an eventful 2018 with the US establishing its trade tariffs on module imports and China hitting the brakes on deployment, yet, through sheer determination, everyone ended the year feeling fairly optimistic. There is lots of cause for hope in 2019. Module prices are down for the timebeing, seeding subsidy-free markets. We are on the cusp of technological gains that can tilt that balance even further in solar’s favour. Traction with energy storage is clearing up grid headaches and creating new sources of revenue. Our ultimate 2019 briefing addresses all this and more. Our regular Storage and Smart Power section, meanwhile, includes an in-depth look at California’s vibrant market as decrees turn into deployment.

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