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Calyxo’s advanced CdTe module designed for hot climates


By Michael Bauer, CTO, Calyxo; Frank Becker, Head of Development, Calyxo; Hubert-Joachim Frenck, Head of Production, Calyxo; Jochen Fritsche, IP Management and Product Developmen, Calyxo; Kenneth Kormanyos, President of Calyxo USA, Inc.the US-based R&D Group, Calyxo

This paper presents Calyxo’s recent advances in product design that have resulted in independently confirmed peak aperture-area efficiencies of 13.4% for modules and 16.2% for cells. Some insight is given into a suitable product design for achieving the highest reliability possible, even in hot climates such as Australia, with no signs of degradation during the first three years of deployment in the field. These technical advances and the midterm production-cost target of US$0.50/Wp allow a forecast levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of under US$0.10/KWh, especially in sunny regions of the world.


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