A model approach

By Ben Willis

Evidence is emerging that data used in PV yield modelling, an essential element in optimising a plant’s design and profitability, is leading to erroneous results. Ben Willis reports on the solar industry’s data challenge and how it is responding.

Signed, sealed, delivered

By Sara Ver-Bruggen

As PV expands its global footprint, logistics – transporting goods from factory to project site – is becoming a complicated challenge for manufacturers. Sara Ver Bruggen reports on efforts by the industry to reduce costs arising from equipment damaged in transit.

Large-area solar irradiance mapping

By Dazhi Young; André Nobre; Rupesh Baker; Thomas Reindl

As PV systems proliferate it is increasingly important to forecast their energy output in order to ensure a safe and reliable integration of their variable output into electric power grids. Dazhi young, André Nobre, Rupesh Baker and Thomas Reindl of SERIS outline a technique for generating large-scale 2D irradiance using data from pyranometers and plane of array cells.

Fundamentals of the commissioning of large-scale PV power plants

By Jorge Coello; Leonardo Perez

Large-scale PV contractors must perform tests to verify the correct operation of a new installation. Jorge Coello and Leonardo Perez outline the minimum aspects to consider for the commissioning of large-scale PV plants using a methodology that has been successfully implemented in the commissioning of more than 40 PV facilities worldwide.