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  • Suntech’s saviour speaks as IEA plots PV’s path to world domination

    Friday Focus | By Ben Willis - 03 October 2014, 11:31

    From a rare appearance by one of PV’s biggest investors to the prospects for a revival of large-scale solar in Germany, PV Tech rounds up the week’s biggest solar stories from around the world.

  • npd solarbuzz

    Europe-China module floor price nudges down in Q4’14, but what will happen on 1 January 2015?

    Guest Blog | By Finlay Colville - 30 September 2014, 15:33

    It appears the waiting is over during September 2014 for Chinese suppliers (and all other suppliers of modules to Europe), regarding the minimum import price (MIP) for the 3-month period October to December 2014 (Q4’14).

  • EU PVSEC: Is module manufacturing in emerging markets on the move?

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 29 September 2014, 10:31

    The globalisation of end market demand for PV as the technology becomes increasingly cost competitive has been one of the significant developments over the last few years. Mark Osborne explores which regions could now emerge as manufacturing hubs as solar goes global.

  • dupont

    EU PVSEC: DuPont places bet on next gen solar cells

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 24 September 2014, 12:01

    At any technology focused conference, especially in the PV industry the lack of a unified technology roadmap means that picking the winners from the losers is immensely problematic. From EU PVSEC this week, Mark Osborne reports on DuPont’s attempts to do just that.

  • imec

    Accelerating photovoltaic R&D via joint collaboration

    Guest Blog | By Philip Pieters - 12 September 2014, 07:00 | 1

    To sustain growth, the solar cell industry must constantly find better and cheaper technologies. Imec’s Philip Pieters explains how in the quest to innovate manufacturers can benefit from working together.

  • FSLR

    Rare to find a rare-earth metals report that doesn’t scare

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 11 September 2014, 11:57

    A UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and Energy Research Partnership (ERP) report that looks at the materials availability for a low-carbon future analysed much of published data on rare-earth metals such as indium and tellurium but didn’t panic over material supply issues, something quite rare in itself.

  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla’s test, India solar ready to roll and Japan PV all at sea

    Friday Focus | By Ben Willis - 05 September 2014, 10:13

    From Tesla’s new gigawatt battery factory to floating PV arrays in Japan, PV Tech reviews another eclectic week in the world of solar.

  • R&D:

    R&D spending analysis of top PV module manufacturers in 2013

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 03 September 2014, 10:02

    As the PV manufacturing industry emerges from a painful downturn, Mark Osborne assesses how leading companies have continued investing in R&D and how that will prepare them as the upturn gathers pace.

  • Tata Solar power rooftop installation India

    No alternative for India energy but ‘solar revolution’

    Interviews | By Lucy Woods - 02 September 2014, 10:51

    Tata Power Solar and Bridge to India have just released a report stating solar is already cost-competitive with imported coal. Talking to PV Tech, Tata’s CEO Ajay Goel and Bridge to India’s Tobias Engelmeier discuss how India can best fulfill its solar potential.

  • Finlay Colville

    PV Talk: Debunking the solar rumour mill

    Interviews | By Mark Osborne - 27 August 2014, 11:51

    In a wide-ranging interview with Mark Osborne, NPD Solarbuzz VP Finlay Colville takes the industry’s pulse offering his insight on tech, trade tariffs, forecasts and finance.

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  • Photovoltaics International 25th Edition

    In this issue we offer some insights into what the next wave of photovoltaic technologies may look like as that upturn gathers pace. Industry observers have been in broad agreement that the major next-gen PV technology innovations won’t happen straight away. But there’s also little doubt that the search is now on in earnest for the breakthroughs that will come to define the state of the art in the industry in the years to come.

  • Manufacturing The Solar Future: The 2014 Production Annual

    Although the past few years have proved extremely testing for PV equipment manufacturers, falling module prices have driven solar end-market demand to previously unseen levels. That demand is now starting to be felt by manufacturers, to the extent that leading companies are starting to talk about serious capacity expansions later this year and into 2015. This means that the next 12 months will be a critical period if companies throughout the supply chain are to take full advantage of the PV industry’s next growth phase.



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