GoodWe bankability and product reliability recognized by DNV

By Goodwe
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DNV has published a review of GoodWe’s MT and HT series inverter technology, recognizing the company’s status as a well established, bankable player in the power conversion product sector.

Shipments of the company’s MT and HT series inverters reached 2.26GW in 2020 and are forecast to reach 2.47GW by the end of 2021. The rigorous design, testing, and manufacturing processes behind the products are key to their reliability and the MT and HT 1100Vdc series are now considered optimal solutions for the commercial and industrial segments.

The high-power string inverters boast advanced topology and innovative control technology. Their design and features contribute to higher energy density and lower installation costs, maximizing long-term returns and profitability for system owners.

Robust system reliability provides customers with low maintenance costs and increased returns over the life of their solar systems. The HT 1500Vdc series offers up to 12 MPPTs and is compatible with bifacial modules with a higher DC threshold of up to 20A per string. The stable and advanced technology ensures long term reliability and performance in large scale utility plants, consistently achieving excellent system value based on levelized cost of energy (LCOE), including under harsh environmental conditions.

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