Jinergy’s Dr. Liyou Yang:”The key to development lies in continuous and comprehensive innovation”

By Jinergy

With green development having become a global consensus, China’s manufacturing capacity in the “new three” industries – electric vehicles (EVs), lithium batteries and solar panels – continues to thrive in the global market.

With its independent strength in R&D and advanced production, Jinergy has built a competitive cell and module capacity over the past decade, with general manager Liyou Yang commenting: “The PV industry is a technology-intensive industry.  The key to its development lies in continuous and comprehensive innovation, in order to achieve a continuous upgrade in competitiveness.”

In the current global energy landscape, there is a significant shift towards renewable energy as countries strive to transition away from fossil fuels.  This has led to changes in global energy strategies and supply and demand patterns.  Jinergy is committed to contributing to this transition by providing solutions which improve the efficiency of renewable energy sources and reduce the associated economic costs, constantly enhancing its innovation and technology transformation capabilities. This is achieved through a focus on innovation, product R&D and after-sales service. 

The advanced intelligent 4GW manufacturing workshop producing the company’s high-efficiency cells  utilizes intelligent equipment integrating multiple system platforms via an industrial cloud platform model. Artificial intelligence is also used to ensure precise online control, achieving system automation, digitalization and intelligent coordination.

The implementation of a technology iteration strategy, utilizing intelligent production and flexible manufacturing to meet the diverse needs of customers, allows the company to break through the product cost reduction process and achieve increased efficiency, providing customers with improved solutions to achieve better return on investment.

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