Latest ‘Solar cell efficiency tables’ include LONGi records for N-type TOPCon and HJT cells based on a commercial size silicon wafer

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The 58th edition of the ‘Solar cell efficiency tables’ has been released, including reference to the world records set by LONGi’s N-type TOPCon and HJT technology in early June. 

With solar continuing its march toward becoming a mainstream source of energy, cell efficiency is now an increasingly crucial factor. The application of high-efficiency and high-performance PV modules generates more energy using a limited area, reduces the cost of PV power generation systems and creates diverse application scenarios. 

LONGi is committed to the development of high efficiency cell and module technologies for mass production. Adopting its advanced N-type TOPCon cell technology, the company’s newly released Hi-MO N modules are set to propel, once again, the PV industry’s technological transformation.

Appendix: List of recognized test centres for ‘Solar cell efficiency tables’ 

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