Launch of Tongwei Solar’s first G12N module ushers in 700W+ era

By Tongwei Solar

Tongwei Solar’s first G12N large-sized, high-efficiency module has rolled off the production line at the company’s Hefei base, marking its entry into the era of 700W+ modules. With Tongwei fully committed to this latest product line, it has already moved to production scheduling for pre-sale orders from domestic and foreign partners.

The G12N-66 double-glass module in question compares favourably with traditional 182-72N products with a maximum power of 715W, increasing output by 130W and displaying the expected advantages in performance. The module stands out by combining low open-circuit voltage, ultra-low attenuation and ultra-high output, integrating Tongwei’s TNC high-efficiency cell technology.

In centralized and C&I distributed scenarios, the G12N-66 offers a range of benefits, including higher installed capacity and lower EPC costs. The utilization of a low voltage design enables the connection of a greater number of modules in a single string, in turn enhancing string power, reducing the number of strings required, and saving on costs associated with cables, mounting systems and installation.

In residential rooftop systems, the module also shows significant advantages, typically reducing development and construction costs by some 4% compared with a 182-72N equivalent.

To meet the forecast demand for its G12N products, Tongwei’s Hefei base has been transformed into six production lines to lift the single-line production capacity to 3,400 units. The production process is subject to rigorous quality control measures, in the form of a four-step procedure that guarantees 100% inspection, with AI technology also utilized to automate inspection across the entire workflow, facilitating intelligent control and information-based oversight.

With its superior performance, higher power and lower costs, Tongwei Solar’s G12 large-size and high-power module is set to be highly competitive in the global marketplace.

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