LONGi guarantees quality of its products, enabling customers to maximise total lifecycle performance of PV plants


Based on technological and industrial expertise accumulated over the past two decades, LONGi has released the industry’s first “Lifecycle Quality” standard. Based on the concept of “customer value first”, “LONGi Lifecycle Quality” will guarantee that the company’s products will perform reliably throughout their lifespan and enable customers to achieve high returns on investment throughout the entire lifecycle of their PV power plants.

Under its brand concept of “Steadfast and Reliable Technology Leadership”, LONGi is committed to helping customers secure the value of their power plants through technology and product quality. During the recent SNEC event, LONGi demonstrated that its technology, management and customer values go significantly above and beyond industrial baseline standards. 

In terms of technical standards, LONGi has consolidated its leading role in the industry through multi-dimensional technical benchmarking. On managerial standards, LONGi’s standard BOM and stringent reliability monitoring covers the entire lifecycle management of its products. The company is the forerunner in applying wind tunnel testing to validate module design, subjecting its modules to maximum wind speeds of 60m/s, equivalent to a Category 17 hurricane and, in hail testing, enlarging the size of pallets to more than 35mm to validate the high reliability of the design. 

During the design stage of a PV power plant customers are mostly focused on reducing system costs and improving system electricity generation capacity and safety performance. LONGi is able to offer customers high-efficiency products that can adapt to various conditions and provides a comprehensive analysis of the optimal module selection for different applications, so as to maximize investment income.

When a power plant enters the construction phase, LONGi’s global module production capacity of more than 50GW effectively eliminates any customer concern regarding product delivery. 

In the operational phase of a plant, customers shift their focus to product quality assurance, a stable income stream from electricity generation, system O & M and plant optimization. As an important outdoor operational asset with a 30-year warranty, the robustness and reliability of a PV plant throughout its entire lifecycle is of paramount importance to customers. In this regard, the stability and excellence of LONGi’s financial and operating performance represents the best long-term worry-free warranty.

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