LONGi high-efficiency modules support Pakistan’s high-energy-consuming companies in generation of green power


LONGi has now shipped over 100GW of its Hi-MO family of high-efficiency monocrystalline modules globally, the products not only performing well in third-party testing with organisations including TÜV Rheinland China, but also being widely recognised by consumers for exceeding expectations in terms of power generation performance.

Bestway, Pakistan’s second biggest cement producer, last year installed a total of 49MW of modules to supply power to three of its factory sites. Given the subtropical characteristics of the country, the projects required modules to offer outstanding power generation capability under high temperatures and irradiation conditions, with the company ultimately selecting LONGi as its exclusive provider. The module type chosen for the plants, located according to the map below, was the 540W version of Hi-MO 5.

Fig. 1 Geographical map of the three PV power plants located at Bestway factories in Pakistan

High efficiency modules naturally need to be verified for reliability and power generation performance. Using Bestway’s three plants as an example, the Hi-MO 5 modules’ performance has surpassed forecasts by more than 10% since connection to the grid in 2021. The modules are mounted with fixed racks and string inverters, at a height of 1.2m above ground, with detailed performance data set out below.

Fig.2 Project map of the three Bestway power plants 

Figures 3 and 4 show the actual power generation data of the Chakwal 15.21MW (2021.10-2022.5) and Kallar Kahar 14.848MW power stations (2021.9-2022.5) respectively, based on customer feedback. The average daily power generation per watt of the two plants was more than 4.5kWh/kW, with the annual per watt figure projected to be around 54kWh/kW, following a trend of being low in winter and high in summer. 

As indicated in Figure 5, the average daily power generation per watt of the 6.441MW Kamalpur Hattar plant exceeded 5.2kWh/kW from March to May 2022. During summer, the average daily temperature in Pakistan can reach 36°C, which has a significant impact on power generation performance. In this regard, LONGi Hi-MO 5 modules ensure a plant’s stable and efficient operation via leading module conversion efficiency (lower operating temperature) and continually enhanced cell technology (high-resistance dense grid and laser SE), critical aspects in maintaining the performance of a customer’s power plant during hot weather. 

Bestway received the annual Environmental Excellence Award from the National Environment and Health Forum for its project, which was in turn recognized as a model for the use of green energy in high-energy-consuming industries.

Fig. 3 Power generation data for the Chakwal 15.21MW plant

Fig. 4 Power generation data for the Kallar Kahar 14.848MW plant

Fig. 5 Power generation data for the Kamalpur Hattar 6.441MW plant

Since first entering the Pakistani market in 2019, LONGi has received universal consumer approval for the efficiency and reliability of its modules and the company will continue to prioritise technical innovation in the future, leading the industry back to its primary objective of efficiency enhancement. 

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