Making the Most of Every Ray: FusionSolar continues to lead the development of the PV industry

By Huawei

Under the theme of “Making the Most of Every Ray”, Huawei FusionSolar’s next-generation, all-scenario smart PV solution made an impressive debut at Intersolar Europe 2023, the company once again winning the event’s award for its SUN2000-330KTL smart string inverter.

In complex “PV+” scenarios such as desert, floating and agrivoltaic PV, utility-scale PV+ESS plants face a series of challenges in terms of safety, grid connectivity, operation and maintenance and generation efficiency. Facing these challenges, Huawei innovates by raising the “three integrations”: integration of power electronics and digital technologies, integration of PV and ESS, and integration of energy and information flow. Together with its ecosystem partners, Huawei has developed a smart PV solution that offers grid-connecting stability, ultimate safety, smart O&M and higher yields.

The company has also set the trend for string inverters and reshaped its Smart String ESS architecture. Huawei Smart String ESS is an innovative all-in-one system that integrates electrochemistry, cooling, power electronics, digital technologies and safety design. The inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding lithium batteries is addressed by pack-level optimization and rack-level management control through power electronics technologies. Four-level active safety and two-level passive isolation enables refined management, raising available capacity and safety standards to a higher level. Highly valued by customers, the solution has been deployed at Saudi Arabia’s 1.3 GWh Red Sea project, the world’s largest micro-grid ESS project to be entirely powered by renewable energy. 

C&I Smart PV Solution: The Ultimate Solution for a Sustainable Business

As more companies look to lower their electricity costs and carbon emissions, Huawei has introduced its “1+4” optimizer+PV+ESS+charger+ management system architecture, delivering high levels of safety, reliability, energy yield and easy O&M and establishing the solution as a preferred choice for PV plants in commercial and industrial scenarios.

Residential Smart PV Solution

Huawei has launched version 4.0 of its residential smart PV solution, adopting a 1+4+X framework, where “1” represents the core smart energy controller, “4” the smart module controller, smart string ESS, smart charger and smart PV management system, with “X” composed of the home appliances ecosystem. The solution aims to raise household self-consumption of solar energy to 90%+, gradually moving towards 100%, by offering core values including electricity freedom, smart control experience and active safety.

With safety the cornerstone of all Huawei activities, the solution provides comprehensive protection for PV and ESS above and below the rooftop. Above the rooftop, L4 intelligent arc protection (the highest in the industry) and module-level rapid shutdown are provided, while below, the device adopts the appearance of a home appliance, showcasing technological innovation. In addition to four-level safety protection, the ESS is safeguarded with up to 12 protective measures, including dual emergency protection.

Huawei has also showcased the European version of its all-scenario FusionCharge solution in Munich, comprising of a residential smart charger, DC charging module and liquid-cooling power unit. This solution covers various electric vehicle (EV) charging scenarios, including ‘at home’, ‘on-the-go’, ‘dedicated use’ and ‘destination’, helping to create a comprehensive intelligent charging network.

Huawei’s 40 kW DC charging module serves as the ‘heart’ of a high-quality charging infrastructure – green, quiet, reliable and fully adaptive, providing an enhanced user experience for vehicle owners and improved operational efficiency for charging companies and operators.

The new-generation liquid-cooled power unit integrates PV and energy storage and supports both one-off deployment and long-term evolution. The full liquid-cooling design ensures high reliability, low noise and ultra-long service life. Compared to traditional solutions, it doubles the turnover rate of site operations, delivering optimal benefits to operators.

At Intersolar, Huawei additionally showcased its latest achievements in industry ecosystems and shared its insights and opinions on PV industry trends and the future of PV-ESS plants via a series of presentations, more than 20 signing ceremonies, and keynote speeches at third-party conferences.

Moving forward, the company will continue to innovate, collaborating with partners, governments, industry players and standards organizations to drive the high-quality development of the PV and ESS industries. Green PV will ultimately become the main energy source for every home and business to accelerate carbon neutrality and build a better, greener future.

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