SOFAR Energy’s PowerMagic wins Red Dot design award

By SOFAR Energy

SOFAR Energy’s PowerMagic energy storage solution has received the 2024 Red Dot design award at a ceremony held in the German city of Essen. 

The award-winning product, one of the few commercial energy storage systems in the market to adopt AC coupling technology, features four significant advantages in lower Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS), high efficiency and flexibility, ultimate safety and intelligent management. The system, consisting of a grid-tied/off-grid cabinet, combiner and booster cabinet, energy storage cabinet and battery cabinet, can serve as an emergency power supply. It also enables efficient peak-shaving and arbitrage, accelerating the green transformation of energy and the digitization of renewable energy assets.

With reducing the Lifecycle Cost of Storage (LCOS) and enhancing ROI being primary considerations for commercial users and grid operators, PowerMagic, with its master-slave architecture, is compatible with a 320Ah large battery cell design, offering high energy density and a scalable single cabinet capacity of up to 393kWh. This simplifies on-site installation and significantly reduces initial investment costs. Additionally, its efficient liquid cooling and intelligent humidity control significantly lowers the dew point temperature inside the cabinet, extending the system’s lifecycle and achieving a lower LCOS.

The energy storage cabinet integrates EMS functionality, optimizing power quality and response speed through intelligent control algorithms. This effectively prevents reverse current, performs peak shaving and valley filling  and manages demand, enabling intelligent monitoring. Additionally, PowerMagic supports automatic grid-connected and off-grid switching, seamlessly aligning with grid demands. This not only enhances grid flexibility and stability but also provides crucial support for a high proportion of renewable energy integration, assisting grid operators in better power operation and maintenance services.

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