Tongwei’s Terra shingled module enhances rooftops with the ‘perfect black’

By Tongwei

10.53KW Residential Rooftop Project in Australia

The shingled panel adopts Thermal Laser Separation (TLS) technology, with the cell cut into several strips and interconnected using conductive adhesive to achieve flexible connection. This optimizes the panel structure, enabling zero cell spacing, which effectively increases the panel’s light-receiving area.

The product has excelled in terms of performance and its distinctively aesthetic appearance and has become very popular with customers.

Benefitting from the no solder ribbon feature of shingled panels, the Terra 5K and 5E full-black series adopt a full-black design of black frame, back sheet and busbar as well as aesthetic, dark panel glass to achieve a perfect black appearance which enhances integration of the products with building roofs.

The lead content of panels with a no-solder ribbon design is 60% lower than that of conventional equivalents. The high-density layout of power generation units enables a higher screen ratio and higher power, an effective response to the European mainstream market’s high requirements of low carbon, environmental protection and green recycling.

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