Trina Solar Vertex modules undergo wind field testing

By Trina Solar

Caption: Vertex modules at Zhangbei outdoor empirical study site

Trina Solar’s Vertex 600W+ series modules have demonstrated excellent operational performance in perennially windy Zhangbei, Hebei province, showing no defects in electroluminescence imaging, according to a study carried out by China General Certification. The study found the bifacial modules produced an energy gain of up to 8.82% compared with monofacial equivalents, underlining their reliability and suitability for deployment at PV power stations located in areas prone to high winds.

CGC’s Zhangbei outdoor empirical study site is located in the northwestern part of Hebei along the southern edge of the Inner Mongolia Plateau, with a temperate continental monsoon climate. Zhangbei is subject to consistent wind throughout the year at an average speed of 15.4 m/s, ideal conditions for the study undertaken.

The CGC study began in September 2022 and lasted for 12 months. Vertex 600W+ bifacial and monofacial test modules were installed using three fastening methods: screws, aluminium alloy clamps and the reinforced method of combining both screws and clamps. The modules were positioned at a minimum height of 0.8 meters above the ground and installation conditions were simulated to guarantee a comprehensive empirical study.

It was shown that in the first nine months of the study the Vertex modules functioned as they should in windy conditions, with no defects shown in the EL images. The torque value of the bolts and clamps on the modules exceeded 16N, ensuring stability, with no noticeable signs of loosening.

In the three months to June the Vertex bifacial modules had generated a total of 2,500.87kWh of energy, showing a yield gain of 8.82% compared with their monofacial counterparts.

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