A former co-founder of Sun Edison and CEO of CPV specialist, Amonix, Brian Robertson has been killed in a light aircraft crash in York County, Pennsylvania on December 22, 2011. A brief statement and condolence message replaces the normal Amonix homepage. 

In an emailed message, company founder, CTO and chairman of the board, Vahan Garboushian said, ““We are devastated by this tragic accident. Brian was an incredible leader and our heart goes out to his family.”

A perennial entrepreneur and avid pilot, Mr Robertson was a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in Computer Science and held an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He joined Amonix in late 2009, through the acquisition of Sunworks Solar, where he was co-founder and chief executive officer of the solar power manufacturing plant development company. Previously, Robertson co-founded PlanetAll in 1996 where he served as chief technical officer until Amazon.com acquired the web-based services start-up in 1998. He went on to co-found Sun Edison LLC, which was acquired by MEMC in 2009.

Roberston leaves a wife and three children.