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PV Tech Power Volume 25

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88 pages

Highlights in this edition include:

  • The third pillar: How floating PV can fulfil its potential
    How can ‘floatovoltaics’ become a mainstay of the global solar sector
  • How do you solve a problem like the grid?
    Inside the new technologies and approaches reshaping grid infrastructure
  • Plant design and the age of the large-format module
    By Chris West of Solarcentury
  • The challenge of benchmarking PV module suppliers in 2021
    By Finlay Colville of Solar Media Market Research
  • What the fire service wants you to know about your battery
    By Tom Bensen, Nick Warner, Ryan Franks and Michael Bowes of the Energy Safety Response Group

In this issue...

PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers, Storage & Smart Power
The US energy storage industry remained “remarkably resilient” during what most of us have found to be a difficult year - to say the least. Andy Colthorpe speaks with Key Capture Energy’s CEO Jeff Bishop and FlexGen’s COO Alan Grosse - two companies that made 2020 one of growth in their energy storage businesses - to hear what lessons can be learned and why economics rule.
PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers, Storage & Smart Power
Key to the rapid success and growth of the energy storage industry in the US, China and other maturing markets has been the presence of a small number of system integrators. IHS Markit association director Julian Jansen examines what it is that system integrators do that makes them so vital to the industry and why the future ahead looks to be one characterised by growth, competition and consolidation.
PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers, Storage & Smart Power
While fire incidents involving lithium-ion batteries in energy storage systems are rare, they can have devastating consequences for the industry and pose a threat to safety. Tom Bensen, Nick Warner, Ryan Franks and Michael Bowes from energy storage and fire safety expert group Energy Safety Response Group (formerly Energy Storage Response Group) discuss some of the most important aspects of creating a safe battery storage industry
PVTP Paper
Financial, Legal, Professional, PV Tech Power Papers
Finlay Colville, head of research at PV Tech and Solar Media, offers exclusive insight into the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings and explores how the industry’s major module manufacturers can be grouped entering 2021.
PVTP Paper
Design & Build, PV Tech Power Papers, System Integration
How Mytilineos overcame numerous hurdles to deliver one of Chile’s largest solar projects to date.
PVTP Paper
Design & Build, PV Tech Power Papers
The introduction of large-format modules promises to pose both benefits and challenges to developers. Christopher West, head of central engineering at Solarcentury, explores the many considerations PV designers must bear in mind now large-area modules are on the market.
PVTP Paper
Plant Performance, PV Tech Power Papers
The advancement of solar cell and module technology has meant ever larger, higher power modules are being manufactured, shipped and installed at increasing speeds, placing renewed importance on product testing and inspection. Here, Enertis explores the role of electroluminescence inspection throughout the lifespan of a PV project.
PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers, System Integration
The proliferation of renewables and other distributed energy resources is pushing existing grid infrastructure to the limit, prompting renewed efforts to modernise. But with new hardware coming at such a high price, it’s imperative these investments get the biggest bang for their buck. Here, the US Interstate Renewable Energy Council establishes five key principles for grid modernisation.
PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers, System Integration
As the proliferation of grid-scale renewables accelerates, capacity on national grids is diminishing just as quickly, leading to harder to find and ever-costlier connection agreements. Liam Stoker assesses some of the alternative options grid operators are exploring to extortionate grid upgrades.
PVTP Paper
Market Watch, PV Tech Power Papers
As green hydrogen starts to gain a foothold in the decarbonisation journey, Alice Grundy looks at the more developed markets for the technology, the measures needed to scale further and the role of solar PV.
PVTP Paper
Market Watch, PV Tech Power Papers
Joe Biden’s victory in November’s US election may have taken some time to certify, but there’s every chance his tenure in the White House will be worth the wait for US solar. Molly Lempriere looks at what a Biden administration will do for the industry.
PVTP Paper
Cover Story, PV Tech Power Papers
Despite its generation characteristics, floating solar has yet to truly fulfil its undoubted potential. Jules Scully explores why the technology continues to face hurdles, and what the industry is doing to surpass them.
PVTP Paper
PV Tech Power Papers
While COVID-19 may have dominated headlines internationally this year, 2020 has been a year of considerable progress for the global solar supply chain. Here, the PV Tech editorial team re-cap some of the biggest and most impactful stories of the year.

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