Rohm and Haas’ ‘Enlight’ materials are designed for improved cell efficiencies



Product Briefing Outline: Rohm and Haas Company has launched its new line of ‘Enlight’ materials suite of products for crystalline silicon cell photovoltaic manufacturing. The Enlight product suite is designed to improve traditional solar cell processing by increasing cell efficiency and increasing manufacturing yields. 

Problem: The need for higher cell efficiencies while controlling costs and improving yields is a core focus towards reducing the cost-per-watt of traditional solar cell products. Improved material performance is a key focus for achieving these goals in high-volume cell and wafer production environments.

Solution: The Enlight SilverPlate 620 is used for PV metallization offering an improved Light Induced Plating (LIP) solution over the company’s first generation product. This new technology, claims the company, can increase cell efficiencies by as much as 0.6% compared to standard paste processes. Enlight JetResist 1310 is for PV imaging and is a hot melt ink that is compatible with most drop-on demand inkjet systems. The product has resolution capability down to 60μm and is compatible with most etches, including BOE, HF and cupric chloride. Enlight JetStrip 1210 Stripper is optimized to remove JetResist 1310 with fast stripping speeds. It can be used in either spray or immersion equipment
configurations and will not attack underlying emitter layers. Enlight Wafer Clean 320 Series is designed for PV leaning that has been optimized to allow for customized cleaning and etching performance while being compatible with mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline substrates.

Applications: Crystalline silicon solar cell processing applications.

Platform: Enlight photovoltaic materials offer a broad range of products for various photovoltaic applications,  including: Enlight Caustic Texturizer 100 Series, Acidic Texturizer 200 Series, Electroless Nickel 700 Series, Electroless Copper 900 Series, Electrolytic Copper 400 Series, Electrolytic Tin 500 Series.

Availability: September 2008 onwards.

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