TASC challenges decision to end Hawaii’s net metering program



The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) filed a suit in Hawaii state court on Wednesday to challenge the Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) decision to shut down the state’s net metering program.

TASC’s suit argues that the PUC surpassed its statutory authority, violated state and federal law, and breached constitutional due process requirements.

According to an independent analysis report, the PUC’s decision would close Hawaii’s rooftop industry by giving way to a 90% reduction.

Bryan Miller, TASC spokesperson, said: “The PUC decision goes far beyond anything proposed by even notoriously anti-solar Hawaiian Electric. … Contrary to a law passed by the Hawaii Legislature two years ago, the PUC failed to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the value of solar on the grid. Instead, the PUC relied upon speculation by the utility and ended net metering without notice to consumers.”

The court is expected to schedule a hearing on TASC’s request for a preliminary injunction in order to halt the PUC from implementing its decision.

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