Crystalline silicon thin foils: Where crystalline quality meets thin-film processing


By Frédéric Dross, Research Engineer & Team Leader, IMEC; Kris Baert, Programme Manager of Solar Cells, SOLO Department, IMEC; Jef Poortmans, Program Director, Strategic Programme SOLAR+ and Department of Solar and Organic Technologies, IMEC

Today, crystalline-Si photovoltaics (PV) dominate the market, accounting for more than 85% of market share in 2010. A large scientific community made up of academic as well as industrial stakeholders strives to find solutions to improve device efficiencies and to drive down costs. One of the important cost elements of a module is the c-Si wafer itself. This paper discusses the fabrication of a carpet of c-Si foils on glass, either by layer transfer of an epitaxially-grown layer or by bonding of a very thin wafer, and processing this c-Si thin-foil device into a photovoltaic module. This could constitute an advantageous meet-in-the-middle strategy that benefits not only from c-Si material quality but also from thin-film processing developments.

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The 15th edition of Photovoltaics International hopes to bring some optimism to 2012 by tackling the key factors on how to cope with the current situation. Contributions come from MIT on using TCAD as a viable method for modelling metal impurity evolution; Alternative Energy Investing presents a comprehensive look at materials cost; and efficiency improvements are on offer by ECN. REC Solar and Tata BP Solar report on module lifetime and IMS Research gives us a brief rundown of 2012 global market expectations.

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