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Design criteria for photovoltaic backsheet and front-sheet materials


By Michael Kempe, Scientist, Module Reliability Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Back-sheet materials for photovoltaic modules serve several purposes such as providing electrical insulation, environmental protection and structural support. These functions are essential for modules to be safe for people working near them and for the structures to which they are attached. To ensure that all modules meet a minimum set of requirement, they must pass qualifications tests such as IEC 61646, 61215, 61730, and 62108. This paper puts forward the design and composition requirements of back- and front-sheet materials for achieving the highest possible quality performance from PV modules.


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Photovoltaics International Archive
The second edition of Photovoltaics International was published in November 2008. It includes the cost benefits of conversion of used 200mm semiconductor fabs for the PV industry by CH2M Hill in Fab & Facilities, in-line plasma-chemical etching from Fraunhofer IWS in Cell Processing and NREL presents design criteria for back- and front-sheet materials in PV Modules.

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