Improvements in CdTe module reliability and long-term degradation through advances in construction and device innovation


By Imran Kahn, Integration Manager of Device Technology, First Solar; Lou Trippel, PV Module Product Line Director, First Solar; Nicholas Strevel, Technical Sales Manager, First Solar; Chad Kotarba, Engineer, First Solar

Recent advances in cadmium telluride (CdTe) research and development have improved the long-term power output degradation and extended reliability test performance of First Solar’s thin-film CdTe PV modules. This paper reviews the characterization results of the new First Solar cell structure with improved back-contact design that better manages the fundamental power-output degradation mechanism. First Solar's proprietary ‘Black’ series module construction significantly enhances the long-term durability and extended test performance of the modules. The accelerated lab-testing methods, field testing and associated analyses are discussed. These advances in the solar cell performance, coupled with upgraded module materials, further substantiate the long-term power-generating capability of First Solar's CdTe PV modules in harsh operating conditions.

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The period of ‘profitless prosperity’ in the PV industry is finally at an end. Throughout 2013, despite continued economic woes, the PV industry has continued to expand and finally become a global industry. Market forecasts indicating that the sector could reach its next 100GW milestone in just the next two years suggest the industry is on the cusp of another period of strong growth. All the signs confirm this is the case, with utilization rates at their highest level since 2010, companies reporting full order books well into next year and the first tentative announcements of factory capacity expansions making the headlines.

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