Performance characterization and superior energy yield of First Solar PV power plants in high-temperature conditions


By N. Strevel, Technical Sales Engineer, First Solar; L. Trippel, Module Product Line Director, First Solar; M. Gloeckler, Vice President of Advanced Research, First Solar

Like all semiconductor photovoltaic devices, cadmium telluride (CdTe) modules have a characteristic response to temperature changes. This paper describes the effects of the temperature coefficient of power, using operational system data to quantify the First Solar CdTe technology energy-yield advantage over typical crystalline silicon technology in high-temperature conditions. This paper also describes the underlying mechanisms of initial stabilization and longterm degradation that influence module efficiency. The processes used to characterize and rate module power output, given these effects, are further discussed. First Solar’s significant experience in building and operating power plants in high-temperature conditions, along with associated system performance data and accelerated lab test data, is reviewed to substantiate the warranty considerations and long-term capability of power plants using CdTe PV modules.

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The seventeenth edition of Photovoltaics International applauds new markets emerging to plug the deployment gaps left by countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic and Italy. Profitless prosperity is the way Mark Osborne, Senior News Editor at characterises the PV manufacturing supply chain at the moment. In this issue the Fraunhofer ISE presents an overview of MWT technologies and calls on manufacturers to “quickly bring these techniques to industrialisation”. Additionally back contact cells and modules are featured extensively with valuable contributions from IMEC/ECN and the ISFH.

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