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R&D spending analysis of top PV module manufacturers in 2012


By Mark Osborne, Senior News Editor, Photovoltaics International

R&D expenditure by major PV module manufacturers has not been immune to the PV industry’s period of profitless prosperity. However, spending in 2012 was not affected to the extent that many would have expected, with a number of companies increasing their R&D activities and boosting staffing levels to meet R&D roadmap requirements. This paper discusses the current trends in R&D spending and staffing levels, highlighting both leaders and laggards.


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Has the latest round of consolidation in the supply chain enabled a more sustainable growth curve for the solar industry or is this a blip fuelled by subsidies? In this context Photovoltaics International has never been more relevant for your business. Whether you are a glass half empty or full person, the fact remains that orders are up across the board, new markets are coming on stream and analysts’ predictions are increasing again. Optimism is starting to creep into even the most conservative of organisations.

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