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SunEdison’s upstream suppliers hit hardest with US$321 million owed in bankruptcy


By Mark Osborne, senior news editor, Photovoltaics International

High up the debt list is PV module assembly subcontractor and single-axis tracker supplier, via its NEXTracker acquisition, Flextronics International (Flex), which is owed over US$44 million.


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This issue of Photovoltaics International focuses on the steady adoption of PERC as the technology of choice for providing a quick boost to cell performances. Our chief analyst, Finlay Colville, reports that PERC is a key driver for internal technology roadmaps of all silicon cell providers and is indirectly influencing the development of other technologies in competing n-type and thin-film segments. However, PERC is not without its drawbacks, and one of these is its increased susceptibility to light-induced degradation. Other highlights include ISC Konstanz on the future of back-contact technology and ECN on the development of a new technique for minimising recombination losses in silicon solar cells.

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