tandemPV: A review of c-Si-based tandem technology and what is needed to bring it into production


By Radovan Kopecek, Lejo J. Koduvelikulathu, Daniel Tune, Daniel Kirk, Chris Case, Michael Rienäcker, Henning Schulte-Huxel,
Emily Warren, Adele Tamboli, Robby Peibst, Bart Geerligs, Sjoerd Veenstra & Gianluca Coletti

This paper provides a concise overview of existing c-Si-based 2-, 3- and 4-terminal tandem technologies, summarizes the current development status, and sets out the future roadmap. In addition, a discussion is included of what will be required over the coming years to bring these promising technologies to market, enabling commercial efficiencies above 30%.

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Busbarless solar cells
Fraunhofer ISE discusses the challenge of measuring busbarless cells

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