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Towards a standardised contract for solar O&M


By Sara Verbruggen

In April an international working group will publish a bundle of
standardised contracts aimed at aiding the rollout of PV worldwide. Sara Verbruggen previews the
template contract for solar O&M and assesses its impact in streamlining this aspect of the business


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Welcome to the first 2018 edition of PV Tech Power. The focus of our cover story is an area that has been exciting the editorial team here at PV Tech Towers for some time. Floating solar presents an entirely new pillar of solar deployment, as discussed at length by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). In our Market Watch section we have expert coverage from Apricum of the booming Chinese market, exploring how the country’s vast demand, the so-called ‘hungry dragon’, will be satisfied in 2018 and beyond. With PV Expo returning to Tokyo this quarter, Japan’s RTS consultancy provides an update on a market that, despite its challenges in recent years, continues to represent a multi-GW opportunity and so much more.

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