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  • The project will help power a water treatment plant at the Lower Usman Dam.

    Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

    Undisclosed Size, Ground Mounted, Announced | 12 March 2014, 09:12

    Japan’s oversees development body, the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA), has agreed to fund a PV facility in central Nigeria.

  • The 400MW project is expected to be completed by 2016.

    San Antonio, Texas

    400MW, Ground Mounted, Under Construction | 11 March 2014, 14:42

    PV developer has started construction on Alamo, a 400 MW solar power project in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Photovoltaic technology has been chosen over parabolic troughs, similar to the Genesis project, also in Blythe California.

    Blythe, California

    485MW, , Announced | 11 March 2014, 14:28

    PV developer NextEra Energy Resources is set to begin development of a 485MW plant in Blythe, California.

  • The 59.1 hectare project consists of about 84,000 panels.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    20MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 11 March 2014, 12:00

    The 20MW Mountain View Solar Energy project near Las Vegas has finally started operations nearly four years after development initially began on the facility.

  • When completed, the project will be the largest PV power plant ever built in Australia.

    Nyngan, Australia

    102MW, Ground Mounted, Under Construction | 11 March 2014, 09:44

    PV manufacturer First Solar announced that they have started construction on a 102MW PV project in Nyngan, New South Wales (NSW). When completed, it will be the largest PV power plant ever built in Australia.

  • The solar farm features more than 50,000 Masdar PV a-si panels.

    Ichtershausen, Germany

    11.7MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 07 March 2014, 14:12

    Thin-film module manufacturer Masdar PV has developed an 11.7MW PV power plant in Ichtershausen, Germany.

  • The power plant is expected to be completed in five years.

    Hongshagang Industrial Park, China

    1.1GW, , Under Construction | 07 March 2014, 13:34

    China-based PV project developer China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings has begun developing the first phase of a 1.1GW PV power plant project at the Hongshagang Industrial Park in Minqin County, Gansu Province, China.

  • Duke Energy Renewables will operate 23 PV sites across the country once the Pumpjack and Wildwood facilities are completed.

    Kern County, California

    40MW, , Announced | 07 March 2014, 13:25

    PV developer Duke Energy Renewables has acquired two 20MW PV projects in California from renewable energy developer Infigen Energy.

  • The plant will cut yearly carbon dioxide emissions by more than 40,000 metric tonnes.

    Dandan, Guam

    25MW, , Under Construction | 07 March 2014, 10:06

    The facility is expected to provide enough clean energy to power 10,000 homes.

  • Murata Manufacturing

    Gunma Prefecture, Japan

    1.6MW, , Under Construction | 04 March 2014, 15:19

    The project will provide energy to Tokyo Denpa’s Gunma Plant.

  • JA Solar Module Production

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    150MW, , Announced | 04 March 2014, 14:22

    The plant has the ability to ramp up its production output to 600MW to meet increased demand.

  • First Solar

    Pecos County, Texas

    22MW, , Under Construction | 04 March 2014, 14:01

    The plant is expected to begin operations in mid-2014.

  • ET Solar

    Bridgwater, UK

    8.4MW, Ground Mounted, Under Construction | 04 March 2014, 13:13

    The project is expected to be grid-connected before the end of March, 2014.

  • PV project in India

    Mahboobnagar District, India

    1GW, , Announced | 04 March 2014, 12:12

    The Solar Energy Corporation of India is planning to construct a 1GW solar energy facility in Andhra Pradesh state.

  • Japan PV Project

    Kansai International Airport, Japan

    11.6MW, Commercial Rooftop Ground Mounted, Completed | 04 March 2014, 09:41

    PV developer Solar Frontier claims the project is the largest facility at any airport in all of Asia.

  • BNRG

    Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

    5.1MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 28 February 2014, 15:15

    BNRG Northern Power is planning to build the first utility-scale solar farm in Ireland.

  • Solar energy in Brazil

    Votuporanga, Brazil

    6.5 MW, , Announced | 28 February 2014, 14:05

    US$13.6 million power plant to be built north-west of Sao Paulo state.

  • SunPower

    Solano Community College, California

    2.8MW, Commercial Rooftop Ground Mounted, Completed | 28 February 2014, 12:46

    Three PV facilities are expected to produce enough energy to meet as much as 50% of the annual electricity needed at the three areas.

  • Solar energy plants

    Yunnan Province, China

    100MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 27 February 2014, 14:32

    Hareon Solar to construct two 50MW plants in Yunnan Province.

  • Hareon Solar

    Hebei Province, China

    50MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 27 February 2014, 14:01

    New PV plant will be supported by the new feed-in tariff (FiT) rates.

  • E-CL

    Arica and Camarones, Chile

    300MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 27 February 2014, 12:19

    Proposed plant will reportedly cost $600 million and will require 1.2 million crystalline silicon modules.

  • Jura Solarpark

    Bavaria, Germany

    43MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 27 February 2014, 12:02

    IBC Solar completes 43MW solar facility in southern Germany.

  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

    Tucson, Arizona

    16.4MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 27 February 2014, 11:49

    Solar project is the largest PV plant at any Department of Defense facility.

  • California Solar

    Lancaster, California

    5.4MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 18 February 2014, 17:57

    Three solar tracking sites in Lancaster, California are now producing power.

  • Rwansa solar

    Kigale, Rwanda

    8.5MW, Commercial Rooftop, Announced | 18 February 2014, 17:54

    Norway-based Scatec Solar is to build the first utility-scale PV plant in Rwanda, also said to be the first of its size in East Africa.

  • Rwansa solar

    Kigale, Rwanda

    8.5MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 18 February 2014, 17:54

    Norway-based Scatec Solar is to build the first utility-scale PV plant in Rwanda, also said to be the first of its size in East Africa.

  • Georgia

    Stephens County, Georgia

    1.3MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 18 February 2014, 17:52

    California-based solar developer, SunEdison and Australia- based solar developer, United Renewable Energy (URE) have successfully collaborated on 1.3MW of solar projects in the US state of Georgia.

  • Solar Reserve

    Tonopah, Nevada

    110MW, , Under Construction | 18 February 2014, 17:48

    A concentrated solar power (CSP) project in the US claimed to be the largest of its kind in the world with molten salt storage capability.

  • Ivanpah

    Mojave Desert, California

    392MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 18 February 2014, 17:35

    CSP technology 392MW Ivanpah Solar Electric project has three 450-foot towers and 173,500 heliostats. Utility, Pacific Gas and Electric will purchase power from Ivanpah’s unit 1 and 2, and the third will sell power to Southern Califronia Edison as part of long-term power purchase agreements. The project has an expected life span of 30 years. The project cost an estimated US$2.2 billion, of which US$1.6 billion was granted as a loan from the US Department of Energy.

  • SunEdison

    Tarapacá Region, Chile

    92MW, , Under Construction | 15 January 2014, 10:21

    SunEdison is constructing a 92MW solar plant in Tarapacá Region, Chile.

  • Etrion

    Aguas Blancas, Antofagasta Region, Chile

    8.8MW, , Announced | 15 January 2014, 10:15

    Solar park in Chile to provide power for Atacama Minerals Chile’s iodine mine, has been delayed, to restart in 2015.

  • Welspun

    Punjab, India

    150MW, , Announced | 15 January 2014, 10:06

    Welspun is planning a 150MW project in Punjab, India.

  • Canadian Solar

    Tumushuke City, Xinjiang, China

    30MW, , Completed | 07 January 2014, 12:15

    Canadian Solar has completed and grid-connected a 30MW ground mounted project in Tumushuke City, Xinjiang, China.

  • Brussels

    Canal Logistics, Brussells, Belgium

    3.5MW, , Completed | 18 December 2013, 11:48

    The 3.5MW rooftop was developed by Orka with EPC and (O&M) by Martifer Solar

  • martifer romania.

    Magurele, near Bucharest, Romania

    3.38MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 09 December 2013, 11:33

    Portugal-based Martifer Solar has completed the construction of two PV plants in Romania totalling 5.41MWp.

  • okinawa.

    Orion Sun Sun, Okinawa, Japan

    1.99MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 12 November 2013, 17:38

    Japanese trading company Marubeni is to build a 1.99MW utility-scale solar power station on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa for Orion Sun Sun, a subsidiary of Okinawan brewery Orion Beer.

  • cvsr.

    California Valley Solar Ranch, San Luis Obispo County, California

    250MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 05 November 2013, 17:41

    NRG Energy and its affiliate NRG Yield have announced the completion of the 250MW California Valley Solar Ranch project, built by PV manufacturer SunPower.

  • wirsol.

    Akainoko, Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan

    22MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 05 November 2013, 17:29

    German developer Wirsol and US investor Greenpower Capital have acquired a 22MW PV project being developed by Chikyu Factory Service in Japan.

  • sunlabob.

    Ban Houaypha, Luang Prabang, Laos

    6.5kWp, Off Grid, Completed | 05 November 2013, 16:41

    Sunlabob Renewable Energy has completed work on a mini-grid that will supply electricity to a remote village in rural Laos.

  • kanagawa.

    Ashigara-Ōi Solar Way, Kanagawa, Japan

    13MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 05 November 2013, 16:28

    JAG Energy Group have been contracted to build a 13MW, 14.3 hectare solar park in Kanagawa, part of the Greater Tokyo region in Japan.

  • voltec.

    Brasov, Romania

    2.5MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 05 November 2013, 16:15

    French module manufacturer Voltec Solar and project developer Ecosun Expert have finished work on a 2.5MW solar farm in Romania.

  • solarcentury.

    Waterfall Mall, Rustenburg, South Africa

    574kWp, Commercial Rooftop, Announced | 25 October 2013, 14:25

    Solarcentury Africa, the joint venture formed by PV company Solarcentury and Johannesburg-based renewable energy developer Momentous Energy has won a contract to install a rooftop power plant at Waterfall Mall, Rustenburg, South Africa.

  • kaenapoint.

    O’ahu, Hawaii

    15MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 24 October 2013, 15:23

    US PV installer SolarCity has been selected by Hawaiian Electric Company to develop a 15MW utility scale solar power plant on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

  • firstsolar.

    Gatton Campus, University of Queensland, Australia

    3.28MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 24 October 2013, 15:15

    US thin-film company First Solar and the University of Queensland will build a 3.28MW PV plant for use as a research facility at the University’s Gatton campus.

  • Eurus Rokkasho.

    Eurus Rokkasho Solar Park, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

    115MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 30 September 2013, 14:41

    Japanese renewable energy project developer Eurus Energy is scheduled to begin construction on an 115MW AC solar park in Japan.

  • Kizuna solar park.

    Okumatsushima Kizuna Solar Park, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

    3.6MW, Ground Mounted, Completed | 30 September 2013, 13:58

    Okumatsushima Kizuna Solar Park went online in August 2013, located in Higashimatsushima City, less than 100km north of Fukushima, Japan.

  • Fotowatio.

    Royalla, Canberra, Australia

    24MWp, Ground Mounted, Under Construction | 24 September 2013, 15:13

    Fotowatt Renewable Ventures announced at the end of August 2013 that the company had reached financial closure on a 24MWp capacity solar farm in Royalla, near Canberra, Australia.

  • Western University

    Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, California

    672kW, , Announced | 19 September 2013, 17:24

    A prominent graduate school for the health professions, Western University of Health Sciences has signed a contract with Washington Gas Energy Systems, a subsidiary of WGL Holdings, for a 672kW rooftop project.

  • goldpolygroundmount.

    Qinghai Conghe, Qinghai, China

    20MW, , Completed | 19 September 2013, 14:07

    Hong Kong based PV firm Goldpoly New Energy Holdings announced that the company successfully connected its Qinghai Gonghe 20MW power plant in Qinghai Province, China, to the grid on 18 September 2013.

  • Blue Energy expects to reach financial close in the first half of 2013. Image: Blue Energy.

    Nzema, Aiwiaso, Ghana

    155MW, Ground Mounted, Announced | 18 September 2013, 15:16

    Construction is due to start in the first quarter of 2014 on a 155MW PV project in Ghana, said to be Africa’s largest PV power plant to date.

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