ARISE Technologies ups PV cell production; plans 10,000-ton polysilicon plant



Technologies has set new ambitious plans to increase PV cell
production. The company has announced an overall plan to reach 560MW
production levels by the end of 2012, up from the previous target of
360MW – a 56 percent increase.

The expected increase in silicon solar cell production is due to ARISE Technologies’ plan to expand its own polysilicon production at its pilot plant in Waterloo, Canada to 50 tons per annum in 2009 and 400 tons per annum by 2010. The company also intends building a new high-volume plant with a capacity of 10,000 tons by 2011.

“The progress that we are making in Germany, our success in securing silicon wafer supply contracts, and the encouraging results to date from our high-purity silicon mini pilot production facility in Waterloo are all indications of the progress that ARISE is making toward achieving our goal to become a global leader in high-performance, cost-effective silicon technology,” said Bart Tichelman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Based on the quality of the silicon material being produced at the Waterloo
SiRF operation, we have the confidence to proceed with planning for our first full-scale silicon production plant in Canada. We have begun consideration of potential sites for the plant and will be focusing more on this in the next few months. The future success of this silicon program is integral to our expectations for future profitability levels.”

The Silicon Feedstock Mini Pilot Plant went into operation in December 2007. The expanded plant is expected to begin construction in the third quarter of 2008. ARISE Technologies uses a proprietary method to produce 7N+ high-purity (99.99999 percent purity level) silicon using a simplified chemical vapor deposition process, according to the company.

PV cell production plans include previously announced Line 1 & 2 at its cell fab in Bischofswerda, Germany as well as plans to install 10 additional production lines through
2012. The company is targeting an annual capacity of 560MW, up from 8 lines and a capacity of 360MW.

OTB Solar B.V. has been contracted to design, deliver and commission manufacturing and handling equipment for ARISE’s proprietary technology for Line 2 at the Bischofswerda plant. Line 2 is expected to come on stream in the first quarter of 2009. The assumption is that OTB Solar will supply the equipment for the expanded number of lines. Line 1 is designed for 35MW capacity but will not use proprietary equipment and technology, and is expected to come on-stream in late April 2008.

ARISE said that it expects initial cell efficiencies at Line 2 of 18 percent with plans to boost this to more than 20 percent in a step-by-step progression. 

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