Enphase offers simpler microinverter installation and operational software management



Enphase Energy has introduced new hardware and software products that are claimed to lower solar system installation and operations costs for solar professionals. New hardware includes a Wi-Fi option for the ‘Envoy Communications Gateway’ and ‘M215’ microinverter with ‘Integrated Ground’ for faster and more flexible installs. ‘MyEnlighten’ and ‘Enlighten Manager,’ are also made available to further improve consumer's experience and the installer's management of their fleet of systems.


Reducing PV rooftop installation times has a direct impact on the overall LCOE (levelised cost of electricity). Providing simpler and cheaper ways for installers and consumers to monitor an operating PV system can provide improved customer awareness of energy consumption and overall product investment satisfaction.


Based on Enphase's fourth-generation microinverter platform with 96.5% CEC efficiency, the new M215 includes Integrated Ground technology that eliminates the need for a grounding electrode conductor (GEC) to be attached to each microinverter, providing both labour and materials savings, according to the company. A Wi-Fi option for greater flexibility when choosing where to locate the Envoy Communication Gateway has also been introduced. This new option simplifies connectivity of Enphase Microinverters to Enlighten's web-based software when there is a wireless router on premise. All systems reporting through the Envoy are visible in the web-based Enlighten software platform. Solar professionals can now offer customers a new interface option, MyEnlighten, which has been specifically designed for the educational and informational needs of solar homeowners.


Residential and commercial rooftops including multiple PV system management.


Enlighten Manager provides PV professionals with sophisticated web-based software tools that can effectively prioritise maintenance needs across multiple installations. These tools and an interface designed to more easily manage multiple customers is claimed to provide greater control over operations costs.


January 2014 onwards.

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