JA Solar’s ‘PERCIUM’ mono-Si modules surpass 20% conversion efficiencies



JA Solar is rolling-out globally a new series of high performance solar cells and modules in 2014. Highlights included the launch of its monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si) solar cell (156×156 mm2), ‘PERCIUM’ with 20%-plus conversion efficiency.

These have been combined into its PERCIUM (6×10 cell) series modules that have surpassed a conversion efficiency of 20.3% and have a 285W rated power output.


Residential and light commercial PV markets continue to require high-efficiency but cost competitive PV modules in markets with FiT regression as well as unsubsidised emerging markets.


JA Solar’s PERCIUM cell has surpassed a conversion efficiency of 20.3%, 1.3% higher than average mono-Si” solar cells by 20W, according to the company. The cell efficiencies’ have been independently confirmed and certified by the Fraunhofer ISE's photovoltaic calibration laboratory (CalLab) in Freiburg, Germany, and sets an industry-leading mark for industrial size (156×156 mm2) solar cells using p-type mono-Si wafers. The PERCIUM module is claimed to produce 8% more power output per unit area than the average. It is claimed to produce 1% more power due to improved yield in low-light conditions. The company claims a reduction in transportation, installation and BOS costs.


The PERCIUM module is suitable for residential and commercial rooftops (small and medium-sized).


All its products are manufactured in-house, a procedure inspected and certified by PI-Berlin and Solar-IF. Apart from PID test, products of the company also passed long-term reliability tests, harsh climate environment endurance tests, and other tests certified by TUV, SUD and ETL. The PERCIUM cell employs a passivated, local back surface field (BSF).


February 2014 onwards.

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