New Product: Indium offers tabbing and bus ribbon kit range



Product Briefing Outline: Indium Corporation has introduced a newly designed tabbing and bus ribbon kit range. The kits, which contain common sized tabbing and bus ribbon and fluxes, are available in three versions, including one with a uniquely designed Pb-free, bismuth-containing, low-temperature coating. Tabbing ribbon kits come with everything required to evaluate how Indium Corporation materials will work with solar cells and assembly processes.

Problem: The kits are a valuable tool for scientists and engineers to efficiently experiment with different coatings and fluxes at both traditional and low temperatures in an easy-to-handle, low-cost kit system.

Solution: The three versions of the kit include: tin/silver, bismuth/tin, and tin/lead/silver and can be ordered through Indium’s easy online ordering system. The fluxes were developed by Indium Corporation’s Research & Development team led by Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, who has been designing fluxes for high reliability and longevity, including the solar, medical, aerospace, automotive, and communication industries for over 25 years.

Applications: The fluxes are designed to work in both manual and automated assembly processes

Platform: The ribbon itself is industry standard CDA 110 (99.9% Cu) core flat wire, coated with a precisely controlled layer of solder. Each ribbon is manufactured using proprietary softening process to improve the yield of the stringing process without wafer breakage. Kits are available inStandard 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag, Pb-free 96Sn/4Ag and low-temp Pb-free 58Bi/42Sn coatings.

Availability: June 2010 onwards.

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